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October 11th

Pack 4 : Rock Face is now uploading to my Copy account. I don’t get out much due to health problems, but I was able to make a brief stop during a family road trip this week and get some really nice shots of broken rock faces. I also got video of me almost running into a moose but I lost everything on that SD card :(

It was a brilliantly sunny day so I didn’t get the even lighting I was hoping for. On the plus side the stark lighting may make for some pretty sharp displacement maps. In the future I’ll try to get back there when the lighting is better.

rusted orangeAbout the Packs

The packs will contain both DNG and JPGs, so you can take the raw images and fiddle with the exposure and other properties as much as you like. And best of all they’ll be royalty free! Use them in your commercial projects!

This is a sample of content taken with the A560. Images shot with a better sensor will look cleaner.

Pack 1 : Metal, Stone, Plastic, Asphalt Shingles, Broken Foundation

Pack2 : Bark, Stone, Sand, Pavement, Blue Tarp, Metal, Old Scythe

Pack3 : Stone and Abandoned Gas Station

Pack4 : Rock Face

All packs are now shared via my Copy account. If you’re thinking of joining Copy, please use my referral link to increase my storage for future packs. You’ll start with 20 GB of storage instead of the basic 15 for signing up without a referral. Win-win.

Last time I checked a few weeks ago, over 700 people had downloaded the packs. Sweet! If you find these packs useful consider donating a dollar to the camera fund. The money will go toward a better camera for better packs. The images are still free to use, either way.

You can donate via PayPal or the GoFund.Me Campaign. The balance is currently 17 dollars :)
Update: Thanks to the 3 people who contributed. I appreciate it :) Especially in a time when money is tight for most people.


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